All Is Well

When fear comes, when doubt doesn’t let you sleep, when all the guilt and shame fill your mind with thoughts, when you think you don’t know what you’re doing, and you feel like you really went crazy, that’s when the light of your soul shines brighter, to remind you that All Is Well.

The darkest nights are the ones that will set you free.

When you allow yourself to experience them fully, rather than run from them and cause unnecessary pain and suffering.

It seems a terrifying thought, why would we allow fear and guilt?

But it is only when you allow fear, guilt, and shame to be there, and you totally accept them, that you can integrate them in your light, in your truth.

If you run from them, trying to close your eyes, they will be ghosts, they will keep coming back, and that’s a very painful experience.

I’ve been there. I tried to escape from my darkness. I lied to myself that I wasn’t feeling guilty about certain things. I used to think "I’ve already learned the lesson, so why to keep thinking about that?"

But it was never about lessons. It was about the perfect sequence of events I created to experience myself as a human, the perfect sequence of events I created to know myself.

Only when you recognize and accept that, that you receive the wisdom and integrate all those dark ghosts into the light of your consciousness.

It is not easy and not so pleasant.

But if you remember to always breathe consciously and allow your soul to be with you, to release the wounds and stay with the wisdom, to release the wounds and integrate the experiences, it must smooth the waves of emotions and thoughts.

And with time, you will start seeing the beauty in the darkness, you will start seeing the beauty in your own stories, and you will realize that your soul was right, All is Well!

Image credits: Frank McKenna on Unsplash.

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