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Divine Expression

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Woman at orange sunrise

Expression is Spirit in action.

Expression is the fusion point between human and divine.

Expression is the communication between consciousness and energy.

Expression goes beyond mind and body. Expression is the purity of the natural state of Creator, flowing and making itself real through the human. The human in itself is an expression of the soul, the human is energy in service.

Using a very familiar metaphor, brush and paint are energy expressed in form, serving consciousness. Consciousness is the passion that drives the movement. It is the creator, even, of the canvas on which to paint.

Without consciousness, there would be no painter, no paint, no nothing.

Consciousness is also in the brush and in the canvas, in the movement, but differently, in a more subtle communication.

Consciousness communicates with these things, but it is not these things.

It takes no form, it's indefinable.

Energy is also free, but in its service, it assumes momentary forms and structures, which create the illusions we know as reality, in the most different parts of the physical and non-physical universes.

Free energy is the piano's melody, the pianist's pain, the wood that makes up the instrument. Consciousness is inspiration, the unexplainable desire to express itself, the expression that explodes without asking permission, the creation that comes out naturally by simply smiling.

By simply smiling and dancing life is created.

Colors and flavors are created.

This is expression. This is allowing.

This is the melding of human and divine, the sacred moments when an explosion of passion takes place, and there is no mind or belief system that can resist! The mind is silenced, or else it dances to the sound of the soul.

The complete melding of Human and Divine can be called The Ahmyo Life. It's when these moments of pure genuine joy, absolute lightness and detachment, are the reality all the time, not just separate moments. It is also known as the Synchronic Life, where everything flows and fits, beyond expectations of how it should be. (to read more about Ahmyo, click here)

Divine expression is in everyday life. It is in the meals you prepare, it's in your dancing with yourself in front of the mirror, in the songs you sing, in all the creative activities you engage in, your soul is there, your light is there, it is the perfect mirror of your infinite beauty.

With real eyes, I realize how everything is a divine expression: the rain that falls outside, the cars that pass on the wet street making noise - or the absolute silence. People around me, company, distractions - or loneliness. It's energy in service. Serving me.

At that point of consciousness, I am the center of my creations.

Experiences are created from the inside out. They grow, evolve, expand, change.

My divine being is evident in every part of life, in every line of my stories.

I am one with all around me, finally.


Thank you for being here!


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