Inspiring New Consciousness

There's never been a time of so many changes happening so quickly like now.

A New Consciousness is emerging as more humans begin to question who they really are and what they are really doing here.

A New Consciousness is emerging as humans become aware and accept All That They Are.

These humans have freed themselves from mental hypnosis and are here now as a living example that life is pretty simple.

Inspiring New Consciousness is inspiring the Awakening of humanity!

Inspiring New Consciousness is Inspiring Remembrance, Acceptance, Compassionate Love!

Inspiring New Consciousness is Inspiring Freedom, Genuine Joy, Completeness, the end of suffering!

New Consciousness is beyond the mind.

It's beyond religions and spirituality.

If we look back in history, we can find some wise masters who have reached this level of Pure Consciousness, but they are only a few in a period as long as hundreds and thousands of years.

Right now is the time when more and more people are allowing themselves to live what those sages of the past said was possible.

More and more people are becoming aware of who they really are, rather than just being aware of their human existence - this is New Consciousness!

New Consciousness is to go beyond the mind, using it as a tool, but no longer being controlled by it, no longer being limited by thoughts and rationality.

If you are reading this, probably it is because you are waking up to your Truth, your Pure Consciousness, which cannot be defined or measured.

I invite you then to take a good deep breath and thank yourself for that!

If the words confuse your mind, let them go, and embrace the energies of change you called for when you awakened to yourself.

With love and passion,

Laura Kühn.

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