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Soul Senses and Sensuality

According to the dictionary, sensual is an adjective related to the physical senses, to pleasure and also to sexuality.

But the concept of sensuality that I use goes beyond these definitions. I use the word sensuality to refer to the Soul Senses.

The Soul Senses are ways of perceiving reality.

Most people on Earth experience reality through the same sense: the Sense of Focus.

The Sense of Focus is what some call the “Matrix” and can come close to the Buddhist concept of “Maya” (Illusion)

When a person perceives reality through this sense, they feel as if they were separated from their soul. They are unconscious of their grandness and beauty.

With the discovery that they are more than a human body and that there is more to this world than what appears to be, the first step out of the sense of focus is taken.

But the journey tends to be long, due to the many years in which the mind was programmed to perceive only with the five senses of the human body.

Usually, the first thing we notice at the beginning of this "journey of feeling", is that the five senses begin to be “enhanced”.

We begin to perceive smells more vividly, food is tastier, music becomes deeper, touch is more sensitive, and our eyes slowly begin to see beyond.

Then we realize that each of these human senses is connected with the senses of the soul.

It's not just our hearing that is sharper, or our taste buds more sensitive, it is the human body re-establishing communication with the soul!

And in the communication between soul and body - the body begins to perceive more elements, more layers of reality.

All Soul Senses are connected, and as you start to “dive” into them, you become aware of more and more senses.

For example, a sunset by a river can make your soul dance with the Sense of Freedom, and at the same time, you can be aware of the Sense of Beauty, the Sense of Unity, and the Sense of Joy.

You can feel in many levels, because you are a multidimensional being.

Remember that the Soul Senses are ways of perceiving reality, and do not need to fit into names or definitions.

In the end, what really matters is surrendering to the experience of feeling.

With love, Liah'ah.

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