The Blossoming of the
Ahmyo Life

“[...] There is a flower blooming, singing the song of Ahmyo. In the purity of your essence, in the core of your being. Stop and listen. [...]’’ 

In this one-hour session, we will create a Safe Space, and I, as the facilitator, will hold that space until the end of our session.

It is a space of receptivity, openness, and compassion.

It is a space for you to allow yourself to get in touch with your essence and immerse yourself in the greatness that you are.

It is a space for exploration of Consciousness, where you will see different aspects of yourself, even those that appeared to be ghosts or demons, and that you were afraid of. Here, you will have the potential to go beyond fear, and one breath at a time, accept all that you are.


Going beyond judgments of good and bad, you will perceive the beauty and receive the wisdom of each of your experiences.

In this session, you can tell me about a situation that you want to bring clarity to. I will be here to give you a new perspective on it, to help you understand how this situation is serving you and how you already have everything you need to make the changes in your life.

During the session time, we will use Conscious Breathing at different moments, to relax the body, free the mind and access the Inner Wisdom - which is intrinsic to each of us.

“[...] Allow this flower to blossom, blossom and expand, allow its singing to flow through your entire being. Become one with your soul [...]”