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Ahmyo is an ancient word for “absolute trust in self”.

Ahmyo is not like human words, it is a vibration “aaaaaaahhhhmmmmyyooooo”

Absolute trust in self is not just about trusting your human identity or your potential as a human being on this Earth, it’s beyond that!

Ahmyo is acknowledging All That You Are.

It is the knowingness that you are a Complete Being: a Wise Divine Human.

Ahmyo is the acceptance of who you truly are.

Ahmyo is the freedom of Being.

The Ahmyo Life is the graceful life!

It is the life of the one who has overcome the internal conflicts created by the belief in duality.

It is the life of the one that has no shame to proclaim their Sovereignty.

It's an abundant, fun, colorful and sensual life.

It's the silent life where everything makes sense and the Wisdom is in every moment.


The Ahmyo Life is the dream that has been dreamed of for eras, and is now beginning to become real for thousands of humans around the planet.


It's not extravagant, it's simple and natural.

It is available to everyone who wants to live it.

It may seem difficult, but there are no magic tricks or techniques.

It's about letting go of the old ways of living - through battles and suffering - and allow the emergence of the natural way: ease, grace and joy.


Through this website I share my experiences, to show you how something that seems to be so complicated is actually very simple!

I offer private sessions to bring clarity on how to let go of these habits that are so ingrained in our way of living and even being.

Allow the stories, articles and sessions to be of use in your life and help you make the changes more smoothly and in a good mood.


Thanks for being here! See you soon!


What Is Ahmyo

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