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Magical Travels

What are Magical Travels?

Magical Travels are sessions that facilitate self-knowledge and expansion of the Soul Senses.

How do Magical Travels work?

It all starts with Conscious Breathing.

Through it, we create a safe space where you can relax and open up to the experience.


We also create a communication beyond words, at subtle levels.

Through this communication, I will guide you on a journey.


It's like I'm a channel: I transmit to you what you're transmitting to me.


And a cool thing about it is that the situations and places you experience are actually metaphors, and you'll understand the message of each one as the travel unfolds.

What are the Soul Senses?

The Soul Senses are ways of perceiving reality. 

The human mind perceives reality in a limited way, but it is possible to expand beyond these limitations - and live a much richer, colorful, delicious life experience!


What to expect from a Magical Travel?

A Magical Travel is a real surprise!

There are infinite potentials of what is possible to do and create in one session, but the best is to simply dive into the experience and let the magic happen! 


To book a Magical Travel for you, contact me using the button below. 

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