Magical Travels

When we realize that the 3D world is an illusion and that we are the creators of this illusion, life opens up in many dimensions.  


As we free ourselves from structures, we allow all the colors and flavors of life.

We indulge in the deliciousness of the experience. 

I found a way to open up to the richness of life, starting from the inside out,

with something I call "Magical Travels". 


Magical Travels are a deep dive into the Essence of The I Am. It is pure clarity.

We connect to the knowingness that “All is Well” - and at the same time, we can see through metaphors (places and situations) what seems to be “not so well”. 

We can see with clarity what is happening inside of us. If there are battles,  if there are barriers, if there is love.

New dimensions are created as we journey deeper within, showing exactly what we need to see at that moment.

Each of these travels is different, and it depends on which point of Consciousness you are. They can facilitate your process of integration, AND they can be fun rides into your magical inner worlds. 


In any case,  Magical Travels create a deep shift of consciousness that unfolds in many layers, and becomes evident in the 3D realm, in your human life and creations. 

It’s an honor to serve the Masters, and accompany them in this kind of experience.

It’s an honor to be the channel and to hold the safe space for the exploration of the most beautiful places. 

To know more, please contact me. 

With love,