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As I already told you here on the blog, (in this article here) the “Magic of the Masters” event that took place in Slovenia in 2018 had a great impact on my life.

I listened to the audios of the channels at the beginning of 2019 with simultaneous translation into Spanish in the wonderful voice of Vili Aguirre. One of the sentences that caught my attention the most was one said by Sam “Yo Existo porque Tu Existes”. - I Exist because You Exist. The moment I heard that, it resonated with me. I didn't understand what it meant, my mind didn't see the point in this whole story of communication and energy, but somehow, listening to the audio of the event revived something inside me.

Practically a year passed in which this revived something continued to grow silently inside me, like roots underground.

It was January 2020 and I was in Florianópolis - The Magic Island, on my first backpacking trip alone. It was the first time I found myself away from my family and in touch with the flow of my energy, without agendas.

I stayed in a hostel with a sea view.

Before following the story, I need to make it clear that I am completely in love with the sea. In the city where I lived most of my life, there is no sea. The sea was an occasional thing. With great luck, I could see it seven days a year, in the summer, when I traveled to my aunt's house. And after that, I spent the rest of the year dreaming about seeing it again.

When I saw the sea through the hostel room window, I was filled with joy. I knew that that part of the island was not suitable for swimming, but simply being able to see the ocean, with its blue horizon and its immensity, made me feel “in my place”.

It was during one of those looks out the window that I heard the ocean speak to me for the first time.

I looked at it enchanted, as always.

My bright blue eyes, and it said: “I Exist because You Exist”

I did nothing more than smile, close my eyes and feel the ocean inside me.

I knew that.

“But what do you mean?” I asked

“I Exist because You Exist” it replied

I still didn't understand why it existed because I exist, but anyway, it was so beautiful, so majestic! At some point, I would understand...

In another occasion, while I was walking along the shore, he spoke to me again, whispering softly: “I Exist because You Exist”

Every time he spoke to me, it was as if I were brought back to presence, as if amidst the noise of thousands of thoughts, that subtle voice made my mind loosen its resistance a little, as if the knowledge of my soul made more sense than intellectual and logical knowledge.

I felt good, I felt alive, I felt infinite.

One morning, I got up early and crossed the island, heading north towards Daniela beach, a beach where the sea has no waves, it is calm, perfect for swimming and floating.

The beach was empty, and as soon as I arrived, I started my yoga practice. On that silent morning, even the sun that burned my skin seemed to speak. It seemed to say the same thing that the ocean was telling me: “I Exist because You Exist”

The sand, the sky, and the mountains in the distance also said that to me.

The black birds that flew high above and got lost among the clouds also told me: “We Exist, because You Exist”.

After yoga, I took a delicious swim in the sea. I swam, jumped and laughed loudly playing with my ocean friend. I threw water up and repeated what he had told me for so long:

“You Exist because I Exist!”

“You are my energy in service. You are at my service. You serve me in honor, and in honor I recognize you. In honor I thank you, friend!”

Finally, finally it settled inside me. Not as an intellectual understanding, but as knowingness. A knowingness that over the years has expanded and transformed…

But it was that morning, on Daniela beach, that the silent roots began to blossom.

I lay down on the water and took a deep breath to float.

Eyes closed, the hot sun on my face and the cold water below my body.

Inhale. Exhale.

Listen to the breath.

Ears under water.

Listen to the sea.

Breathing in and connecting with all the life that exists in the depths of the ocean. The sand, the algae, the corals.

Feeling One with All There Is.

Breathing and communicating. After all, I was beginning to discover the magic of communication.

It was there, floating, that I heard the song of a whale.

I immediately got scared and put my feet on the ground.

Just imagining a huge whale near me made me want to run away!

In fact, the sound I heard was not a whale that was nearby, it was an episode of multidimensional communication. In other words, I did not hear the whale song with my human ears, but with my angelic senses.

I took a deep breath and floated again.

With my eyes closed, I talked to the whale that was somewhere in the vastness of the ocean.

It also exists because I exist, it is also my creation, it is my friend.


I came out of the sea energized. I simply couldn't believe what had just happened! What a wonderful morning of expanding consciousness.

It was the beginning of my journey to become aware that I Am Consciousness and that Energy Serves me in the way I choose, without words, without intention. It is the most subtle of communications.

Communication between Consciousness and Energy - The real reason that brought me to this planet. The science, the metaphysics that drives my experiences, the realization after realization, day after day, expanding what is known about it, expanding universal consciousness through life in the flesh and bones.

“I Exist Because You Exist” - A simple and loving phrase full of wisdom.

When the Ocean taught me that it exists because I exist, it was telling me: “Consciousness is necessary for the existence of anything, without consciousness nothing can exist” it was telling me: “you created me, you created all reality that you are experiencing as a human” and also: “You and your creation are one thing, there are no separations” and thus, it also showed me that I was not alone, because everything around me is me, it is my deep love for myself.

Hello Dear Ones, it is with great honor that I share with you the first story in the series "The Daily Life of a Modern Merlin".

I feel it is important, before starting the story, to tell you a little about the name of this series.

This name appeared about 3 years ago. It's the name of the document in my Google account where I wrote hundreds of stories, rants and even what I call "self-therapy". Ultimately, the simple flow of consciousness through words. I thought about recording a podcast with that name or making videos on YouTube, but until now, that was just the name of my "diary". Now, I mean, about 2 minutes ago, when I opened the editor to post this article, I decided that the name would be used to share stories here on the blog. I find this name very interesting, because it is about post-realization experiences. In other words, my path of embodying my light. It is very important to talk about this, because there is a concept that enlightenment is boring, that the enlightened master spends the day meditating and lives hidden in the forest far from everyone. But in reality, today's enlightened masters are in the middle of life, right in the middle of the chaos of the world, in big cities, they have jobs, they pay bills, they have families... Enlightened people are still people!

In this series of "everyday life" stories I will share how ordinary the life of an enlightened being can be, and how extraordinary it is at the same time. As for the part that refers to "Modern Merlin", this refers to the Magic of Life. Being a Merlin means knowing the magic of life, which is nothing more than being awake, conscious. Nothing to do with tricks or magic wands. Magic is consciousness. The Merlins of the past already knew this, but it's worth adding the word "modern", as the challenges a Merlin faces today are somewhat different from those of old.

Story 1 - The Day of the Solar Eclipse

Last week I had the opportunity to see an Eclipse.

The whole day was full of unexpected events that led me right to see the Eclipse at the beach.

I went out in the morning thinking about work and paying the bills, I thought I wasn't going to see the Eclipse because it would harm my eyes, so I was not expecting to see it, I wasn't even caring too much about it.

I just went to the beach and started working selling art, like I usually do on Saturdays.

One thing about this day is that instead of going to the same beach I go to every weekend, I stayed on the beach close to my house. This was the best choice, in less than 2 hours of work I had already received the amount of money I wanted on that day. And with less effort.

It was early, so my partner Lucas and I decided to keep working, walking on the sand.

As I walked alone, a guy at a table called me and bought a bracelet for his daughter. He asked me how my day was going, if the sales were good, and where I came from, and I shared a little bit of my story with him. So he invited me to sit at table with him and his family. I sat there, and he invited me to a shot of whiskey and asked the waiter for a bottle of Stella Artois beer. I allowed myself to relax a little bit. In a few moments, Lucas joined us at table to drink and talk.

As we were talking, the family invited us to have lunch with them at their home (yes, I used the word "invited" many times in this post, but that's exactly what happened: a stream of gifts, all we had to do was receive them. What for me is still difficult sometimes. Resistance and doubts keep coming up, but as soon as realize them, I choose to receive and go beyond them. I have to admit Lucas is helping me a lot with being comfortable receiving)

Keeping up with the story: we got to their beautiful house and in a few minutes the food was on the table!

Typical food from Northeast Brazil. Those who know the food from the state of Pernambuco know what I am talking about. Delicious food!

While being in their house, they treated us like we were family. This is something I haven't experienced in any other part of Brazil, only here in the Northeast region, far away from my hometown.

I feel so grateful to live this human experience, to feel how people care for each other, how people are open to giving without expectations.

We stayed in their home till the afternoon was almost gone when we felt it was time to leave.

We thanked them for all they gave us that day, and Lucas gave the little girl a macramé bracelet.

They said they are our friends and we can call them and go there whenever we want.

We left their house and headed to the supermarket, but before we got there, Lucas remembered me about the eclipse! We went straight to the beach again!!

As soon as we got on the beach and looked in the direction of the sun, there it was: the solar eclipse!

I couldn't believe I was seeing it! I believed so much in the idea that it was not going to be possible, that I forgot it was such an easy thing: just look!

The sunlight was shadowed by the moon, and the whole atmosphere of the beach was magical!!

It was the first eclipse I saw in my life. The sunglasses I was wearing have a red lens, so I saw it all in red!!

The beautiful shape of the moon on the sun ... What a miracle is the cosmos!! I visit it so much in Magical Travels, seeing it with physical eyes was quite a different experience. I felt energy vibrating in my body, in the flesh and bones... It was exquisite!

As I said before, that day I thought about going out for a normal day of work, I hadn't even put on a bikini to swim in the sea.

Which was no impediment, once again Lucas calling me to life.

"Come live, stop making excuses!"

And so we bathed in the delicious sea of Maragogi under the light and energy of the Eclipse!

So fun and so simple. Nothing more is needed than allowing yourself!

This is the first story.

Many more coming soon!

Liah'ah 🌸

“When you have your realization, all your lifetimes start to realize their realization too.”

In today’s post I bring to you a simple drawing I made to represent one of my lifetimes - and the story behind this drawing.

I made this drawing representing a vision of a lifetime I had in India. I feel like I've had many lifetimes in India. This girl is one character that I cherish. And the purity with which she communicated with me I'm not able to describe in words.

She said that in that life all she wanted to do was to be free, to pick flowers, to walk on the green fields. Not being a wife, not being a daughter. Not living much of life either, she died very early.

I associate this girl with the vision I had a few years ago when I used to listen to Krishna Das' interpretation of "Om Namah Shivaya". I listened to that Mantra every day going to work, sitting on the bus, feeling the wind on my face. The drums would always take me on a deep journey within, and sometimes this vision of a lady with long black hair appeared to me. She was dancing around the fire, to the beat of the drums. Everyone around her was singing, clapping, dancing, laughing. I don’t remember the faces. But I do remember the feeling.

The Shiva Jattas (dreadlocks) were not in that first vision, but in 2020 after listening a Tobias channel I made a little drawing called “Asian girl wearing Shiva Jattas” and later on it all came together: my visions while listening to the mantras in 2018, my drawing in 2020 and then this drawing here that I made in 2021. It’s a beautiful story and it is completely integrated.

Although it is a simple drawing, each part of it has a meaning.

The green grass & blue sky represent silence, space and serenity. The flowers represent simplicity and blossoming. The sun represents my light illuminating that lifetime. The closed eyes represent surrender & receiving the light. Somehow I also feel she is offering me those flowers.

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