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Image by Göran Eidens


Receiving Love Series

This is a series of 7 Conscious Breathing Sessions that I offer for free on youtube. The idea is that you will do one session per day, during a week. The main topic is the Love of Self:  to receive your own love. No more seeking for love outside. Each day we will go together to one facet of this love, and discover a different way to receive the love of our soul. It is delicious, sensual, but it can also bring about many changes! So when you embark on this journey, feel free to contact me and share your experience. 

Timeless Breathing Session

With this short breathing session we witness how simple and easy it is to come back to the state of presence.

Receiving the New Day

The new day is not just about the sunrise. It’s also a metaphor for the new potentials, the new choices and the new realities we can experience when we open up to ourselves and receive it! 

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