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There is magic.

There are sweet potentials.

There is happiness.

There is so much beauty.

The sacred is often misunderstood.

The Scent of Flowers.

The colors of my skirt.

The wind shaking the leaves.

They dance on the floor from side to side,

The wind makes them dance, and warns me of the rain coming soon

It freezes my bare feet and plays with my skirt.

It showers me with sweet-smelling flower petals.

I look up to the sky with a tight chest,

and among the gray clouds,

orange and gold the sun rescues me

From the inner labyrinth of my thoughts.

It brings me to the essential, to the purest

The Secret Garden where magic happens,

where the most beautiful communication has space.

My space

Holy and Real

Filled with living beauty and constant flowing energy

An internal garden that expresses itself around me.

Am I in it or is it in me?

we are both

in multidimensional expression

In the most different forms of energy and consciousness.

My energy expressed in the form of Sun and Wind is also

expressed in forms of light and sound

that my mind doesn't understand.

expressed in places

my feet will never reach

Beyond time and space,

in an eternal moment,

I behold the Secret Garden.


Poem/story - Liah'ah, September 2020.

Pictures by various artists in - Thank you!

According to the dictionary, sensual is an adjective related to the physical senses, to pleasure and also to sexuality.

But the concept of sensuality that I use goes beyond these definitions. I use the word sensuality to refer to the Soul Senses.

The Soul Senses are ways of perceiving reality.

Most people on Earth experience reality through the same sense: the Sense of Focus.

The Sense of Focus is what some call the “Matrix” and can come close to the Buddhist concept of “Maya” (Illusion)

When a person perceives reality through this sense, they feel as if they were separated from their soul. They are unconscious of their grandness and beauty.

With the discovery that they are more than a human body and that there is more to this world than what appears to be, the first step out of the sense of focus is taken.

But the journey tends to be long, due to the many years in which the mind was programmed to perceive only with the five senses of the human body.

Usually, the first thing we notice at the beginning of this "journey of feeling", is that the five senses begin to be “enhanced”.

We begin to perceive smells more vividly, food is tastier, music becomes deeper, touch is more sensitive, and our eyes slowly begin to see beyond.

Then we realize that each of these human senses is connected with the senses of the soul.

It's not just our hearing that is sharper, or our taste buds more sensitive, it is the human body re-establishing communication with the soul!

And in the communication between soul and body - the body begins to perceive more elements, more layers of reality.

All Soul Senses are connected, and as you start to “dive” into them, you become aware of more and more senses.

For example, a sunset by a river can make your soul dance with the Sense of Freedom, and at the same time, you can be aware of the Sense of Beauty, the Sense of Unity, and the Sense of Joy.

You can feel in many levels, because you are a multidimensional being.

Remember that the Soul Senses are ways of perceiving reality, and do not need to fit into names or definitions.

In the end, what really matters is surrendering to the experience of feeling.

With love, Liah'ah.

Bridge at Tobias's Garden

Story 3: "Am I Crazy? And the Tobias's cottage."

Sometimes I feel some aspects around me trying to suck my energy, trying to be the chosen actors to act in the theater of life… When this happens I start singing, dancing, doing funny voices, and acting “theatrically”.

- Do you think you rule my life, buddies? - I ask the tiredness and laziness that hit my body that morning - well, I don't think so! - I say with a thick voice, making movements with my hands as if I was a pirate holding a sword.

The result of these performances is that I find it all very funny and end up allowing the energies to flow again.

But on that day of Captain Pirate, things were very intense. There were so many aspects around me that I started to feel a personality disorder. I didn't know who I was and even saying "I am what I am" didn't make sense. Nothing made sense.

- I'm crazy, completely crazy! - I said as I looked at myself in the mirror

- No, you're not crazy - Tobias told me

- But I don't even know who I am! - I replied

- You DO know - he said

- Oh, ok. I'm going to do yoga now. Maybe it will help me stay in my presence

- Great! If you want, you can do yoga in the gardens of my cottage, and you can call Kuthumi

So I sat down on my yoga mat and took good deep breaths, one at a time, allowing Tobias's cottage to come to me.

In a few moments, I could hear the music playing and the birds singing… The scent of the flowers relieved the anxiety in my heart and the yoga postures relaxed my body. Kuthumi was by my side.

Tobias's gardens are calm and the essence of many masters is present in this creation.

If you consider yourself Shaumbra, there is probably a picture of you in a long hallway in the cottage, along with your real name.


Final considerations: All Is Well

What my Ascended Master friends never tire of showing me is that “all is well”.

I never go to them seeking answers, and they never come to me to teach.

We are friends. We have fun together, we laugh a lot, we dance! And they are passionate about supporting me on the path of shining my light on this planet.

This is the multidimensional life, the fun life, the sensual life!

Why suffer in singularity?

Why condemn me to loneliness?

Why be proud and deny help?

No more, dear friends, no more!

From now on, may the integration be as fun as possible!


This is the final story for now, but I will soon write and share more stories like this!

And I invite you, if you want to be a guest in my blog and share some funny story you lived with your non-physical friends, let me know!

See you soon!


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