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Sam and I

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Hello dear Divine Humans!

Today I want to share a beautiful part of my journey from Awakening to Realization.

Translation from the photo:

Never attend college.

Never have a job.

Being a Realized Master.

You can talk to everything.

You can speak with no words.

Energy is only communication.

The food sings from the mouth to the stomach.

~ I Exist ~

I made this drawing after listening to Sam's channel at the “Magic of the Masters” event that took place in Slovenia in 2018.

I listened to the event in January 2019. At that time, my human mind had no idea what “Realization” meant and that I had chosen Embodied Enlightenment in this lifetime. But my soul knew. And that's why Sam's message resonated with me.

Sam is like a great friend to me. Since I'm 7 years old I feel this way. Since the day my mother (Master Lucyah) told me that Tobias would no longer be channeled because his soul wanted to express itself as a human being again, and that expression would be through an American-born boy named Sam, and that he was exactly the same age as me! (Both were born in 1999).

Knowing about Sam's existence made me feel like I had a friend somewhere in the world. A child unlike any other, someone I could talk to someday and who would understand me. I always felt that one day in my life I would meet this being.

Years passed, and Master Lucyah continued to share the adventures of Tobias and Sam with me. I think she realized how happy it made me to know how my “friend” was doing in his human life.

It was like somehow Sam and I were sharing our journeys. And I think this is very much related to the intrinsic knowing, seeded in the depths of my soul, that I came to this planet for something great.

Listening to Sovereign Ascended Master in early 2019 was really profound for me because it made me see how I had gone astray. How I had lost myself in distractions. I had forgotten about the magic. I had lost the connection we had when we were kids.

It was like seeing a friend I hadn't seen in years and asking "what have you been up to?" and he shared so much wisdom and beauty, while I had chosen so much suffering.

We were now 19, in our late teens, he was experiencing a fluid Ahmyo life, and I was recovering from my journey through hell.

In the years I had closed myself off from communication with Sam - which was a consequence of closing myself off to myself - I had experienced hell on Earth. I experienced abuse, disease, and poverty.

Listening to him talking about how he was communicating with energies, singing with food was shocking. I felt the pure magic channeled with the words. The same magic I had in me and that I was afraid of, the same magic I repressed but never ceased to exist.

I didn't feel guilty that I wasn't living as gracefully as I deserved, but instead, I remembered.

I remembered that I had a friend who wouldn't let me forget who I am.

A friend who would somehow remind me that we are here to live!

We are here to inspire, to be, to shine!

And his message brought me so many memories. It helped me to realize so many belief systems and to open up to so many divine potentials!

One curious thing about the girl I've drawn next to the notes, is that when I drew her, I didn't know who she was. At that time I had straight red hair and I didn't like wearing flowery skirts, she didn't look like me.

Until one day, I hold my notebook in my hands, looking at this same drawing, my hair is orange and wavy and I'm wearing a flowery skirt.

I didn't attend college. I don't have a job. And thanks to this "free time" I realized my Realization.

It seems like the words have left the paper and become my reality.

But I know they were only on paper because I had already created that reality in the first place.

It's a beautiful experience of timelessness.

Merlin effect in action!

Thanks to my friend Sam… someday we'll see each other on this Earth, and we'll know who we are.

Or else we will continue to dance beyond space-time at the Ascended Masters Club!

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