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Call and They Will Come - Story 1

This is the first story from a series I will share this week.

To start telling the first story, I must point out that for many years I've been a very mental person. Always cautious, wearing doubt as a protective shield.

It deprived me of the depth of life, of beauty and feelings.

Nowadays, I feel that more and more I integrate my mind with my Gnost, let go of control and accept as real what once seemed only fantasy.

It's a conscious choice that I've been making constantly, for a few years. It's becoming real with the sweet unfolding of time.

The first story I'm going to tell you happened at the end of 2020.

Master Lucyah (my mother) and I were having breakfast in the kitchen of our house. We were talking about what we were going to do on New Year's Eve.

Lucyah was talking about grandiose potentials of celebration and abundance, "creating with broad strokes" as she likes to say - causing me tremendous discomfort. The resistance to receiving was like a pressure in my chest, my throat, my shoulders, and my back. My whole body was wrapped in the shield of doubt. As she talked to me, I could feel my face closing in an expression of deep sadness and frustration, as if the potentials she was suggesting were impossible dreams.

- What do you think? - Lucyah asked excitedly, her eyes were shining with joy.

- Yeah… cool... - I muttered, not taking my eyes off the empty mug in front of me.

- No! - she scolded me - You don't act this way anymore, remember?

Her reaction made me realize what was happening.

I was aware of the aspect, and yet I was letting it act for me.

- Yes, you're right - I said, still in a low voice - I need to be by myself for a moment

So I left the kitchen and went to my room.

I laid down on my bed, and gently laid my head on the pillow, gazing at the glint of sunlight streaming through the window. I started breathing deeply, dissolving the protective shield filled with past fears and traumas. I took a deep breath, choosing my safe space.

Then I remembered that Adamus had recently communicated in a shoud, that there was a part of the Crimson Council “setting the table” for Shaumbra and that we should just “serve ourselves with the food”. In the sense that non-physical beings were willing to support us.

“Hmm… I could call these people.” I thought “That's what they're there for, right? If they don't come, at least I tried. I have nothing to lose."

I decided to call Kuthumi first, Kuthumi always comes!

Kuthumi comes before he's even called. Kuthumi is nosy!

Or, as he would say: a loyal friend.

I asked Kuthumi to speak to these people who were in this council, to call everyone!

In a matter of seconds, my room was full of people I had never seen in my life. I recognized Saint Germain and FM, but there were many more Masters besides them. Kuthumi turned to me:

- Tell us, how can we help you?

At that moment I buried my face in the pillow. “What do I say now?!” I asked myself. "I didn't expect they would come!"

I was out of reaction and ended up realizing that I could solve my problem myself.

I didn't need so many people for such a small problem.

I mean, before the situation was crushing me, but now it didn't even seem like a problem anymore!

That's what happens when I face my grandness, my multidimensional and magical nature, all human "problems" seem like a joke. I wanted to laugh in my face.

- Well - I replied - I think I can solve this on my own, your simple presence has helped enough, thanks for coming, you can go now…. Except Kuthumi.

I said that and everyone left, except Kuthumi.

I spent the rest of the morning with a goofy grin on my face, as if that scowling old woman I was pretending to be had been surprised by the Magician - which is who I really am. This experience made it much easier for me to open up to potentials that felt like dreams.

Remember, dear Masters, you are not alone! There is always help, in many realms!

And all realms are only one breath away.


Story 2 coming out tomorrow!


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