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The Secret Garden

There is magic.

There are sweet potentials.

There is happiness.

There is so much beauty.

The sacred is often misunderstood.

The Scent of Flowers.

The colors of my skirt.

The wind shaking the leaves.

They dance on the floor from side to side,

The wind makes them dance, and warns me of the rain coming soon

It freezes my bare feet and plays with my skirt.

It showers me with sweet-smelling flower petals.

I look up to the sky with a tight chest,

and among the gray clouds,

orange and gold the sun rescues me

From the inner labyrinth of my thoughts.

It brings me to the essential, to the purest

The Secret Garden where magic happens,

where the most beautiful communication has space.

My space

Holy and Real

Filled with living beauty and constant flowing energy

An internal garden that expresses itself around me.

Am I in it or is it in me?

we are both

in multidimensional expression

In the most different forms of energy and consciousness.

My energy expressed in the form of Sun and Wind is also

expressed in forms of light and sound

that my mind doesn't understand.

expressed in places

my feet will never reach

Beyond time and space,

in an eternal moment,

I behold the Secret Garden.


Poem/story - Liah'ah, September 2020.

Pictures by various artists in - Thank you!

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