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When the light touches other lifetimes

“When you have your realization, all your lifetimes start to realize their realization too.”

In today’s post I bring to you a simple drawing I made to represent one of my lifetimes - and the story behind this drawing.

I made this drawing representing a vision of a lifetime I had in India. I feel like I've had many lifetimes in India. This girl is one character that I cherish. And the purity with which she communicated with me I'm not able to describe in words.

She said that in that life all she wanted to do was to be free, to pick flowers, to walk on the green fields. Not being a wife, not being a daughter. Not living much of life either, she died very early.

I associate this girl with the vision I had a few years ago when I used to listen to Krishna Das' interpretation of "Om Namah Shivaya". I listened to that Mantra every day going to work, sitting on the bus, feeling the wind on my face. The drums would always take me on a deep journey within, and sometimes this vision of a lady with long black hair appeared to me. She was dancing around the fire, to the beat of the drums. Everyone around her was singing, clapping, dancing, laughing. I don’t remember the faces. But I do remember the feeling.

The Shiva Jattas (dreadlocks) were not in that first vision, but in 2020 after listening a Tobias channel I made a little drawing called “Asian girl wearing Shiva Jattas” and later on it all came together: my visions while listening to the mantras in 2018, my drawing in 2020 and then this drawing here that I made in 2021. It’s a beautiful story and it is completely integrated.

Although it is a simple drawing, each part of it has a meaning.

The green grass & blue sky represent silence, space and serenity. The flowers represent simplicity and blossoming. The sun represents my light illuminating that lifetime. The closed eyes represent surrender & receiving the light. Somehow I also feel she is offering me those flowers.

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