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The Sovereign Scepter and the Queen of Joy

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

To tell this story, I must go back to the day the Sovereign Scepter first appeared to me.

It happened when I was watching the monthly Crimson Circle channel in February 2021.

On that day, my great friend, Master Adamus Saint-Germain, told all the participants to imagine and feel a scepter.

In Adamus's metaphor , the scepter represents "inner knowingness."

The scepter is a reminder that we have all the answers to our own questions.

By imagining the scepter, by feeling that we hold it, we own who we are and assume our Sovereignty and Wisdom.

It is not a symbol of power and not even a magic wand.

Although, in imagining the scepter, alchemy can take place, if you allow it.

You will leave the state of fear, doubt, and anxiety, and you will be transported to a place of clarity and truth, a place that exists within you, where all the brightest potentials for your life reside.

The scepter is a beautiful way to connect with this place, and the quieter you are, with no distractions and no thoughts of caution, the better.