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The Sovereign Scepter and the Queen of Joy

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

To tell this story, I must go back to the day the Sovereign Scepter first appeared to me.

It happened when I was watching the monthly Crimson Circle channel in February 2021.

On that day, my great friend, Master Adamus Saint-Germain, told all the participants to imagine and feel a scepter.

In Adamus's metaphor , the scepter represents "inner knowingness."

The scepter is a reminder that we have all the answers to our own questions.

By imagining the scepter, by feeling that we hold it, we own who we are and assume our Sovereignty and Wisdom.

It is not a symbol of power and not even a magic wand.

Although, in imagining the scepter, alchemy can take place, if you allow it.

You will leave the state of fear, doubt, and anxiety, and you will be transported to a place of clarity and truth, a place that exists within you, where all the brightest potentials for your life reside.

The scepter is a beautiful way to connect with this place, and the quieter you are, with no distractions and no thoughts of caution, the better.

As you imagine your own scepter, allow yourself to feel the potentials, and don't doubt them. Feel how your soul sings as it meets them, and keep that feeling with you, embody it.

When I felt my scepter for the first time that Saturday in February, there was a great desire to manifest it in physical form in some way. "Maybe I should create some wooden miniature," I thought. "Or make a painting! Or even a simple drawing, but one that represents the magnitude of what I'm feeling!"

As usual, the day after the Shoud is a lazy, relaxed Sunday - in the best sense of those beautiful words - and I haven't bothered too much with manifesting the scepter.

It was on Monday that I received a visit from a great Master. My nephew Pedro Granada and his family.

Naturally, it's a big party when we get together: we laugh a lot and the energies dance around us! That sunny morning was no different. We were all in the backyard, simply enjoying each other's presence.

Noah, my youngest nephew, had already found the drawing materials. He was filling sheets of paper with circles and abstract shapes, challenging us to guess what he had drawn. At that moment, I received an insight "We are all here... Pedro... the blank sheets... the colored pencils..."

Pedro is only 11 years old, but he already shows great talent for drawing. He is also very interested in dragons, wizards, magic, and the Middle Ages. I didn't think twice before asking him to draw a scepter for me, and he didn't think twice before getting down to business.

He designed a beautiful scepter: the staff is made of wood and has a crystal ball on the top, adorned with golden dragon wings. Even better than I had imagined!

Overall, the design is full of energy and officially declares me the Queen of Joy!

What a wonderful gift I got from Pedro's small hands and from his sensitive choice of elements and words that connected deeply with my essence.

Now, whenever I imagine the scepter, I remind myself that I am the Queen of Joy and that I must act as such. What a magnificent experience it has been!

PS: since I have a new name, now I am Liah'ah - The Queen Of Joy.


Thank you for being here! If you choose, leave me a comment on what you felt with this story!

With love, Liah'ah.

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