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The Warrior and The Magi

"The strong warrior fights, she gets everything from effort, from hard work and discipline.

The Wise Magi allows, she receives and flows. The Wise Magi lets it all comes to her, standing still in the midst of All Creation, watching the movements of life, moving and dancing with life.

The Wise Magi savors the uniqueness of each moment, knowing each experience was created for her Joy.

The Wise Magi won't fight to accomplish a result, but rather will dive deep into life without any expectation, open to All adventures that may come."

I write this as a very tired warrior, retired from the battlefield, from the inner battlefield of light and dark, of good and bad, right and wrong. The battlefield created by the illusion of separation.

As I said, I got tired of fights, and I got tired of suffering.

I've made the choice of receiving instead of resisting and I have been watching it unfold.

I have been allowing myself to open up to All of my light, with no restrictions... open to see the dark and don't fight it, open to see my magic happen.

Deep integration comes in response to that. Good deep beeaths and remembering my choice, always remembering my choice, being committed to myself.

And the peace in my heart is the reward for that.

Being the Magi is so much more fun than playing all the old games.


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