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Tree of Sovereignty

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

At a certain part of my journey I felt that I had no roots anymore.

It felt empty.

No roots in the family.

No roots in the culture.

No roots in traditions.

No roots.

I was feeling like I was going to fall down.

What am I without those deep roots? Those deep roots full of amazing stories?

At that time it didn’t matter.

I simply allowed myself to fall, to feel the emptiness.

Some time later the Tree of Sovereignty appeared to me.

It appeared while I was breathing with myself.

“These are your new roots…. this is you…”

The Tree of Sovereignty is a symbol for I HAVE ALL THAT I NEED.

It expands, and I see myself as not only the tree but the whole environment where the tree exists.

I am the trunk, I am the branches.

I am strong with no force.

I am the leaves, I am the flowers… I am the fruit!

Sweet expressions.

I am the roots, I am the soil.

I am the soil.

The soil is the soul.

All the wisdom is in this deep, infinite soil.

All the wisdom can now flow through this tree, through every part of me.

The wisdom nurtures, the wisdom is pure.

I am also the rain, I am the rain that washes the leaves, I am the rain that permeates the soil.

I am the sunlight bringing life.

I am the air, always transmuting.

I am all that I will ever need.

And being so, I will never need anything.

I will never need to steal from others, or to seek outside.

I am here, and all comes to me… even my friends, the birds, they come and go.

But I am never alone.

The roots go deep

The branches go high

And I am not even stuck in form

I am free.

I am one with all.

I am one with me.


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