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Beyond Identities

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

I first felt the potential to change my name when my journey partner Lucyah changed her name. I say journey partner, because we transcended the roles of mother and daughter. We recognized ourselves as two Sovereign Souls who have chosen to realize their Enlightenment while inspiring each other's path. It's a beautiful story. I will share more about it on another occasion.

The point is that Lucyah is one of the artists in my art store here in The Ahmyo Life, and seeing her new name so light and true, besides my old name, my old name felt heavy and full of stories, I felt a potential to change it.

Before that, I had already had interesting discussions about the fact that I didn't use the surname inherited from what would be my Italian “family”.

I realized that I wasn't using that surname because I was rejecting a part of me. It was a form of rejection of everything that would be the past, a form of denying my ancestors, and fear of repeating old patterns.

Of course, as I realized it, I was a breath away from changing it.

That's the beauty of awareness, the beauty of consciousness.

So I embraced everything.

I embraced all the names, titles, all identities, all stories, all fears, and all beauty.

I courageously embraced it all, in complete acceptance of every memory, including memories that weren't even mine, the stories someone told me, that seemed to be stories I lived but were just stories after all.

Accepting my full name was a symbolic act of accepting myself completely.

Accepting and loving my full name was the first step for letting it go.

One beautiful day in October I was writing in my diary, and suddenly magic happened.

I was writing about my everyday human life, and then she arrived - Liah.

Liah. Only Liah. Simply Liah.

I got scared. I wrote the four letters as a channel.

I wasn't writing about a new name, nor was I thinking that my new name would arrive so soon.

But there she was, Liah.

I didn't see myself in her at first.

I still wanted to stay with the old identity a little longer.

There were still games related to the old identity that were fun to play. But I let Liah get closer.

A few weeks before this, I had made a choice to let go of whatever no longer served me, to let go of whatever game I was still loving to play. I made this choice because I felt that I was ready to let go, and now the choice was happening right in front of me.

I was both scared and proud of the quick movement of my energies in response to my choice of absolute freedom.

I saw another cliff ahead of me.

When I created this website, there was a cliff.

It was necessary to leap, show my light, spread my wings.

And now I was again with the same feeling.

But this time, leaping was so much more natural - no pondering, just going.

A new Act of Consciousness.

I spent a few days in the final release of my old identity.

I felt death in my physical body and in my thoughts. I felt deconstruction, dissolution, but no resistance. The dying part knew it was dying and was allowing itself to die.

I was allowing myself to die, as uncomfortable and scary as it was.

At the same time that this old identity was falling apart, I felt my body of light coming closer, like a smile, a joy, and it was saying: "thank you for making space for me"

Another beautiful thing about this death was the period of linear time in which it occurred, between Halloween and the Day of The Dead (in Brazil), maybe a few more days… A simple detail that I created to embellish this story even more.

When I breathed and felt inside the name Liah, I felt that it embraces everything. I felt that Laura is inside of Liah, in the L, in the A, in the resonance, I felt my essence in Liah, I felt the truth in that name, I felt the joy in that name.

Liah's resonance sounds like Aliyah - the name of an ancient practice of self-love. So one of the definitions of the name Liah could be “She who loves herself”.

But of course, we're beyond definitions here.

I added ‘ah to the end, forming Liah’ah.

It's like a sigh, or even a laugh, it's the joy of my soul in the form of sound.

Ah could also be from Ahhhhmmmyyyooooo or a simple "Ah!" - a divine resonance.

I am not structured into this character "Liah’ah"

I can't fit there.

I'm not just that.

I Am Liah’ah. I Am a New Consciousness Facilitator, a painter, a writer, I Am an Enlightened Master, but I am not just that.

I Am Infinite and Eternal Consciousness.

I am all the universes I created, each place touched by consciousness, all conceivable and inconceivable greatness.

I am ALL that I Am.

And so it is for every Sovereign being.

Letting go of identity is scary, and no, it's not necessary to change your name to let go of old roles.

You can love and honor all that you are, regardless of words, letters, and definitions.

If you feel the potential to receive a new name, open your heart and mind, and that gift will come.

But beyond that, there is Pure Consciousness - Complete and Eternal.

Thank you for being here.

With love, Liah’ah - Free and Sovereign.



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