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You can only receive in the now moment

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

This story began the morning I wrote the text about going beyond anxiety.

I wrote with a lot of passion and when I finished I was beaming with happiness - what was just a page from my August diary had just turned into a post that would help humans around the world to also realize how anxiety is only energy!

Sitting at my desk I looked out the window, and as I usually do, I took a good deep breath receiving the green of the lemon tree leaves that fill the entire view. Amidst so many leaves, the white of a flower bud stood out.

But it wasn't just any flower bud. It was pointing in my direction. The same moment I saw it, I thought to myself: “Oh, how beautiful it is! I imagine the moment it opens, the flower will smile at me, right in the direction of my window! I imagine the moment when that happens, I will be so happy to see such a beautiful flower”

I allowed all this joy to flow through my being and got back to work. I went to the living room with my laptop and only returned to my room in the late afternoon.

When I entered my room and looked out the window, a divine surprise: the flower bloomed!

So tiny but so full of life, full of love, full of the sweet smell that a lemon blossom has.

A smile spread across my face immediately as I walked towards my gift.

There it was, smiling at me, right in the direction of my window.

"Amazing!" I thought “didn't it blossom really fast? I thought it would take longer… Wow, so you mean I'm really manifesting my desires quickly?”

“Nonsense…” said a more cautious facet: “the flower would bloom anyway! It is its nature - whether you wanted it or not, whether you saw it or not, it would bloom.”

And then I got the insight!

Isn't it so with every choice?

Aren't my choices like beautiful flower buds that will open whether I like it or not?

The nature of the choices is simply to happen.

And no matter how much the human is lost in illusion, the choice will always be real.

The choice will always be a potential, a reality that is happening.

The flower blooms and the choice happens.

But am I present to see it?

That's what defines the experience.

The next morning when I opened the window, the flower was even more open and more beautiful, eve