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To the New Energy & the New Light

Welcome to your Ahmyo  Life!

Quem Sou
Liah Ahmyo

I Am Liah’ah, the creator of

I created this website inspired by my passion for writing and sharing the stories of my Spiritual Path.

With time, this space expanded!

Now I am also offering something called Magical Travels.

Magical Travels are sessions I guide, where you can dive deep within yourself and make more intimate contact with your inner worlds. May it be light or darkness, you will be there for yourself in your presence, enjoying the ride. 

Through this website you can also access many free breathing sessions, a podcast where I talk about New Energy & Magic, and also lots of articles in English and Portuguese where I share my experiences on the path of realizing I Am God, and then Embodying it. 

Welcome & enjoy!

magic is simple.jpg

What if the journey
inside of you was
full of enchantment
and beauty? 


Conscious Breathing &
               Conscious Talks

Image by Federico Respini

"Magic is a simple thing, it' just a matter of opening up to perceive it!" - Liah'ah

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