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Open up and feel the energies supporting the Blossoming of your Ahmyo Life! 

Quem Sou
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I Am Liah’ah, the creator of

I created this website inspired by my passion for writing and sharing my stories.


With time, this space expanded!


Now I am also offering the potential to experience something called Magical Travels, and sharing more about multidimensionality and how to live a Magical Life!

If you are intersted in topics like consciousness, energy, beauty & sensuality - you will feel home in this website. 

There is a lot of free materials here, among texts and videos. They are infused with energies that inspire change - and it is all given with much love! 

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What if the journey
inside of you was
full of enchantment
and beauty? 


Conscious Breathing &
               Conscious Talks

Image by Federico Respini

"Magic is a simple thing, it' just a matter of opening up to perceive it!" - Liah'ah

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