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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

I am present.

Presence is trust and integrity.

Presence is unconditional acceptance.

Presence is openness.

Presence is beyond doubt.

It’s the realization that doubt, fear, and anxiety are my energies.

It’s embracing my energies with courageous passion.

It’s embracing ALL of my energies, allowing their natural flow, allowing them to find resolution and serve me in the best possible way.

In presence, there is no need for controlling, because I know that anything that may happen is the best experience, and then I enjoy every moment deeply in love with my creations.

I am present when I feel life inside and outside of me

In constant expression and expansion

With its explosions of beauty and its delightful deaths

And I know that in the middle of this

At the beginning of all things

There am I

Or better said

I Am Here

I am the radiant consciousness

The radiant, infinite, and eternal consciousness that creates everything,

I am present in every atom of energy

Filling every single thing with the Joy of Being

In this moment there is no need for words or thoughts.

I simply allow myself to feel the joy of Being. And it is sublime.

Sometimes it can be ecstatic, but it is always sublime.

In this moment I perceive reality with my own eyes, free from third-dimensional illusion, free from belief systems, and not seduced by distractions.

I am so bold in my Presence, and so loving in my Beingness that nothing else matters.

Life is a joyful journey, full of perfect now moments.

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