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Magical Experiences in the Magic Island

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

A few days ago, I went camping with my brother, Tiago, on the island of Florianópolis, where I am now living. We went to Naufragados, the southernmost point of the island, and a very popular place with backpackers.

Praia de Naufragados. Praia, mar, rio.
Naufragados Beach

We leave home in the afternoon, and get to our destination just before the sunset, which gives us time to pitch our tent in the woods close to the beach, and take a dip in the sea!

We are all alone, in a paradisiacal place. The ocean water reflects the color of the sunset. It's a pink magical sea, with a pink magical sky. All this seems like a dream. When looking ahead, we see the infinite horizon. The city lights, far in the distance, start to light up. As we look around us, we are surrounded by mountains and woods. It's like a natural protection, like being embraced and caressed by nature. I listen to my inner voice saying “it's all my energy” and allow myself to be embraced by myself. The waves of the ocean seem so high that they sometimes hide the horizon, but when they break, they are gentle, friendly. "It's all my energy."

I look around, and there's no one. I am at a place that’s silent and isolated, and I know that all the majestic nature, the beauty, peace, and silence are inside me.

Sensuality took on a new level when I arrived at the Magic Island.

After our swim in the sea, we go back to the woods, to our tent, for something to eat. But we don’t stay in the tent too long, the stars are calling us!

We walk back to the beach, and as we get there, we can observe a storm beyond the mountain. The clouds above it light up in flashes and lightning bolts then return to complete darkness in seconds. They repeat it a lot of times. A spectacle of nature created especially to delight our eyes and spirits. For a moment, we had feared that the storm would fall right where we were, and we wouldn't be able to see the stars. But then we remembered that we wouldn't have chosen to camp exactly on the rainy night and that the clouds would rearrange themselves to serve us.

And so it was - better than expected!

The stars are stunning! Never in our lives had we seen so many of them! After all, we had rarely left our hometown, Porto Alegre.

I can't get tired of looking at the sky, fascinated, looking for constellations, imagining and feeling what's beyond what my eyes can see.

My brother goes for a walk alone in the darkness, and I stay alone in my darkness, looking at the sky. I play some music on my Smartphone. I imagine a super celestial party.

Breathing deeply, I feel the cool night breeze. Breathing deeply, I start dancing.

Stars, beach, glow
Illustrative Image

I dance with the stars and invite my Ascended Master friends to join the party. I enjoy this kind of party. I feel that there are more beings present than I can conceive with my mind, but I never care about that. I am always in my Safe Space, expanding and celebrating.

The music is by Yoham Project. Yo-ham - my voice in spirit. The voice of Metatron.

In the last two years, the musical group I've most listened to. For me, it's like a bridge between human and divine. An easy, quick, and delicious way to feel ME again. No matter how many times I've listened to their songs, each time is a new dive.

On this particular night, I feel that the 3 musicians of the group join the party I just created. It's like they're on the beach, surrounded by the stars, dancing on the sand. The music doesn't cover up the sounds of nature, everything seems to complement. I dance some more… until worries invade my mind! Thoughts that tell me I left my brother alone in the dark and kept the light; that it had been half an hour since he left me; asking "if he disappears, what would you do?"

I leave my guests behind (if you were there, I'm sorry, but I believe the party continued at the Ascended Masters Club) and go look for my brother by the sea, using my smartphone's flashlight - a pathetic scene, the dancing was much better.

As I walk, I take a deep breath and watch the thoughts that run through my mind - my mind has already reached the "mush" level after so many hard-to-understand interdimensional experiences.

I find my brother, and after a few more minutes of contemplating the beauty of that place, we go to sleep.

We wake up to the alarm at 4 a.m.

We have a little climbing ahead of us if we want to watch the sunrise, which happens a few minutes after 5 a.m

Again the clouds are covering the sky, and I say to my brother: “We'll see the sunrise. Even if the clouds cover the whole sky, the horizon will be clear for us!”

We climb the rocky mountain in the company of insects and flowers. Reaching the top, we find ourselves in a fort, built a century ago. And I do my first benching of the day sitting next to a cannon!

The birdsong seems to come from inside the mountain.

This morning, I have another multidimensional experience with my Ascended Master friends.

Sunrise, beach, brazil
Sunrise in Naufragados - Brazil

I'm benching, looking at the horizon, imagining figures in the contours of the clouds. I become aware of a rather peculiar shape, like a head and a torso. I look again and now I see three of these, and I imagine it's ASG, Koot, and Tobias…but then I notice that there are more than three of these figures, they're all over the sky!

In that moment I perceive myself beyond my tiny human body, I feel my completeness.

I look at the figures in the sky and receive the ten thousand applause again.

The sun shines inside the clouds.

I remember that there are so many Masters watching my journey.

And I even see myself beyond time-space - an Ascended Master- applauding myself for the beauty of what I'm living, for the light I'm shining, for my sincere smile, for my love for myself!

I open my arms and receive the acknowledgement!

From all of my friends, and, my own acknowledgment.

Yes, I Am Here.

Yes, the only thing I need to do is shine.

Yes, it's the end AND the beginning.

After this magnificent experience, we go down the mountain and have breakfast by the beach, admiring the ocean.

We enjoy a whole morning of solitude, silence and sea.

When people start to arrive at the beach, we realize it's time to leave.

We pack our things and head home.

In our conversations, we agreed that that place is the most magical we have visited so far, we felt that the essence of the Magic Island was concentrated between those mountains and the ocean.

The clouds had such vivid shapes that it seemed that they would come to life and walk among us. The sea sang sweetly. The sun danced on our skin.

In one of those sunbathes, an inspiration came, an insight: “Expression!”

And I'll talk about that in the next post.

Thanks for following this blog. See you soon!

With love, Liah'ah!

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Tiago Kühn
Tiago Kühn
15 січ. 2022 р.

What a wonderful experience! It was an exuberant joy spending that time with you! Thank you.

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