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Playing and Traveling through Dimensions

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Soap bubbles floating over pink flowers

Noah asks me: "Aunty, do you want to play with me?"

There are days when I would simply say I'm busy. There are days when I would accept the invitation, and we would play something superficial, like throwing little car toys on the floor, in a kind of race, and seeing which one got the furthest.

But that day, I felt the magic in his voice.

That day I knew he was actually saying: “Ready for an adventure?!”

So I answer: "Yes! I'm ready, my friend!”

We start with a simple game of matching pieces. The game contains twenty pieces: ten of them have colored illustrations and space in the middle for the other ten pieces, which represent the numbers from 1 to 10.

I love this game precisely because it is very colorful and provides a lot of scope for imagination.

We play as usual. At 4 years old, he knows all those numbers very well and quickly puts all the pieces together. Game Over.

Well, usually, game over. But today, it's just the beginning.

The piece that represents the number 1 has the shape of a pencil. I ask Noah:

“What do you want to create with this pencil?”

And so we both draw imaginary hearts on the floor. Obviously, they are not visible to the eye. But we can imagine them anyway we choose.

I take the piece that represents the number 7. It has the illustration of 7 colorful flowers. I could ask him about the colors of the flowers, but how about if we could smell them?

Suddenly the living room is filled with the smell of strawberries, mommy's perfume, lunch (he said that!), and other delicious things that only the two of us can smell.

At number 8, we have interesting conversations with eight cuddly teddy bears. But the fun really starts when we get to number 9!

The number 9 piece represents a box of colored pencils. It has a beautiful drawing of grass, blue sky, sun, and rainbow.

I invite Noah to come with me into the drawing and lie on the grass. In seconds we are laid down on the living room floor.

“The grass is pretty fluffy, isn’t it?” - I ask to know if we are in the same place

“Yes…” - he answers quietly, his eyes a little scared.

I take one of the colored pencils and draw a butterfly. At once, butterflies are flying around us!

He draws another sun, and now we have two suns in this dimension that we had just created.

He draws rain, I draw flowers, and he has the brilliant idea of ​​creating a tornado.

Suddenly we are flying in spirals. From the tranquility of the countryside, we are abruptly taken to a remote and unknown place, where everything is cloudy and confused.

cloudy sky sunset and sea

I tell him that from where we are I can already see the sea. He runs for almost a kilometer towards the sea to take a dip and have fun with the waves.

And it ends up creating light in that space.

We're in a flow, anything either of us feels will magically appear in our dimension, and we'll have to play with it the best we can.

We've played like this several times: we went fishing; we went to an imaginary grocery shop to buy yogurt and cookies; we picked up fruit - he loves to pick up blueberries. How is that possible? I bet he never had a blueberry! That’s not a common fruit in Brazil! But thanks to him, I have eaten countless blueberries.

Once we even got on a rocket and went to another planet, but when we got there he didn't like it very much, he asked to come back.

“I wanted a planet with people and buildings” he said.

What a curious desire! But that's how we got back to Earth.

What I like most about playing like this is that we don't have to describe too much, think too much, or say too much. Everything simply comes to us - whatever we feel!

And we are in such a beautiful, simple, and true connection, that we experience together, we have fun, and at no time we doubt what just happened. It's real, period.

When we're done with playing, it's not like: "It was fun to play, thank you!"

It's like: “Awesome! I've never been on that planet before! Fantastic!"

It is a communication from Divine to Divine, from Child to Child, from Innocence to Innocence. It is rare to find this type of communication, even with children, as they can also play power games, control, and energy feeding.

But with dear Noah, it just happens.

This summer, besides traveling through dimensions, he painted with watercolor for the first time.

watercolor and brush

I could feel his soul rejoicing as he said “wow!” with each new color he added to the paper.

It was so new and beautiful to him! I remembered the feeling I had the first time I saw the water running inside the ink form: what a delightful dance!

And now he was in front of me, with the brush in his hand and little bright eyes, creating his own dance.

What else can I say?

I'm so grateful for such a wonderful blessing, such a Sovereign Creation!

With love, Liah’ah.

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