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One year of The Ahmyo Life!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

flower, red flower, painting, watercolor
My watercolor painting of the "Bauhinia Variegata" flower, that inspired the creation of the logo for

Happy Birthday, The Ahmyo Life!

I write this post in celebration of the first year of

I write in honor and gratitude to myself.

I also write to inspire all Masters who want to share their journey and wisdom with the world.

Dear Master, fear not! Take a deep breath in your presence and shine your light!

In this article, I share little stories about the creation of this site, and how passion opens the way!


The beginning

It all started in January 2021, with goals for the new year.

Loose goals, no pressure.

One of them was “create my own website”.

In 2020, I went through an intense integration process, dark nights of the soul, suffering, and release from old chains.

And it was only possible to bear all this because of writing. I used to write almost every day. I called it “self-therapy sessions.” They were like conversations with myself, where I wrote down the pain of my human part and channeled the wisdom of the Master that I Am.

The time I spent writing was like going to long walks with a friend. And I know that not only my Master Self accompanied me, but also other non-physical friends who are with me on this path of Embodied Enlightenment.

Walking, walking in other realms! Removing veils, remembering Truth. I didn't need to listen to any lectures or follow any gurus if I had my computer and a text editor at my disposal. Or even the traditional paper (lots of paper) and pen.

With every new text, a new internal “click” would forever change my ways of seeing life.

But why did I talk so much about writing? Because that's what motivated me to create the site: I anted to share everything I had learned on my journey so far, and everything I would learn along the way.

I created as a Safe Space for Sovereign Beings.

I created to Inspire New Consciousness!

Inspiring is my biggest passion. Inspiring is subtle. Inspiration is not teaching, is not imposing, is not showing off. To inspire is to be. To be and to be seen.

Oh, to be seen! That's the part my human doesn't like at all.

Being Seen

At the same time I started creating the website, we renovated the house where I live, in Porto Alegre. We removed the roof and made a new one. It seemed very symbolic to me.

At the time of this renovation (which curiously converged with the “Consciousness Reset”), I used to spend a lot of time with the trees and the birds in my backyard. Kind of “hidden” in my haven. And thanks to this renovation, there were about 5 men on top of my house, building the new roof. Which means I was being seen!

As I felt the discomfort in my body, I heard my soul say clearly: “people are climbing on the roof to see you, when are you going to show your light to the world?!”

So I published my website: I purchased the domain on June 2, 2021.

An Act of Consciousness

Sunset, Porto Alegre, River, Guaiba

I considered the site ready to be shared on June 12th, Valentine's Day in Brazil. A day of love, perfect for a birth.

It was a Saturday, and I spent the morning adding the finishing touches to my beautiful creation.

In the afternoon I went out with my girlfriend (myself) and my radiant joy to celebrate by watching the sunset on the river.

I was so happy! Everything looked so gorgeous!

Next to the river, there is a park, and the park was full of couples holding hands, hugging, sitting on benches, kissing... Love was in the air!

I walked among the people, almost dancing in celebration.

I watched the sunset listening to my favorite version of Stairway to Heaven live, with a delicious solo that put me in a state of ecstasy. Wow! Passion blossomed in my heart. I felt that I had never done something so wonderful in my life.

Then I realized, and I almost said aloud: It's an Act of Consciousness! The Ahmyo Life!

Holy crap! So many names, and I chose The Ahmyo Life! It means that I will have to act Ahmyo more and more! No more room for victim games, as I am showing up as my true self... Look what a nice gift I gave myself! Happy Valentine's day, my love!"

I said this to myself, feeling a mixture of things that I can't even explain now. But it was an amazing “a-ha” moment that I remembered many times over the last 12 months.

First months - Challenges and Soul Friends

As soon as I published the site, I shared it with my closest Shaumbra friends.

One of these friends, dear Antonieta, called me and spent several minutes expressing all the JOY she felt when she saw my creation! Oh, such a sweet Master! I'm honored to share my journey with her.

I also got a call from my beloved friend Alaor. And a lot of encouragement and support from my friends Aline and LH - creators of - who are pioneers and have been sharing their wisdom and light on the internet for many years.

I felt so abundant, so rich!

Being seen by such loving eyes gave me more confidence to move forward.

The first challenge I came across was the return to social media. I spent years without it. I really didn't want to create another Instagram account - I had had a depressing experience with Instagram and considered myself pretty happy without it.

But I knew I needed to be seen, so I created new social media accounts, and the best part of this story began: meeting my Soul friends again!

Oh, how it warms my heart! How beautiful it is to see Embodied Masters! I love it so much. It's impossible to describe how it thrills me to see the sparkle in the eyes of those who have been through hell, and now are creating Heaven on's beyond words!

Browsing social media, receiving friend requests, and checking my new followers, I was impressed to see that there is really Shaumbra all over the world!

It’s like I was a Forest Mage who was discovering life in the world beyond her limits.

The second challenge came when I realized that all these people from different parts of the world were accessing my website, and it was completely in Portuguese.

I can only imagine what the translator managed to express in Russian! It was probably a little different from my original message.

By facing the fact that I needed to translate the website, I felt a lot of resistance. Many thoughts that my English was not good enough, that I was not ready yet for such a big step, that I should start studying every day... But I passionately went through it, breathed through all the lies, and in August 2021, was a bilingual website!

What a great opening and expansion! Many wonderful beings have come to me thanks to this step forward.

Once again passion got everything out of the way and made room for light!

bauhinia variegata, flower, pink floer, nature, tree
The picture that inspired the painting. Bauhinia Variegata - The Ahmyo Life Flower!

To be continued…


I divided this article into three chapters to make reading more enjoyable. I note that in every part of the story that is being shared I infused the energy of the energetic pathways I have walked, facing the darkness (the unknown) and moving forward courageously.

Thank you for your presence, dear friend.

A big hug, and see you soon!


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