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One year of The Ahmyo Life!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

flower, red flower, painting, watercolor
My watercolor painting of the "Bauhinia Variegata" flower, that inspired the creation of the logo for

Happy Birthday, The Ahmyo Life!

I write this post in celebration of the first year of

I write in honor and gratitude to myself.

I also write to inspire all Masters who want to share their journey and wisdom with the world.

Dear Master, fear not! Take a deep breath in your presence and shine your light!

In this article, I share little stories about the creation of this site, and how passion opens the way!


The beginning

It all started in January 2021, with goals for the new year.

Loose goals, no pressure.

One of them was “create my own website”.

In 2020, I went through an intense integration process, dark nights of the soul, suffering, and release from old chains.

And it was only possible to bear all this because of writing. I used to write almost every day. I called it “self-therapy sessions.” They were like conversations with myself, where I wrote down the pain of my human part and channeled the wisdom of the Master that I Am.