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I am present.

Presence is trust and integrity.

Presence is unconditional acceptance.

Presence is openness.

Presence is beyond doubt.

It’s the realization that doubt, fear, and anxiety are my energies.

It’s embracing my energies with courageous passion.

It’s embracing ALL of my energies, allowing their natural flow, allowing them to find resolution and serve me in the best possible way.

In presence, there is no need for controlling, because I know that anything that may happen is the best experience, and then I enjoy every moment deeply in love with my creations.

I am present when I feel life inside and outside of me

In constant expression and expansion

With its explosions of beauty and its delightful deaths

And I know that in the middle of this

At the beginning of all things

There am I

Or better said

I Am Here

I am the radiant consciousness

The radiant, infinite, and eternal consciousness that creates everything,

I am present in every atom of energy

Filling every single thing with the Joy of Being

In this moment there is no need for words or thoughts.

I simply allow myself to feel the joy of Being. And it is sublime.

Sometimes it can be ecstatic, but it is always sublime.

In this moment I perceive reality with my own eyes, free from third-dimensional illusion, free from belief systems, and not seduced by distractions.

I am so bold in my Presence, and so loving in my Beingness that nothing else matters.

Life is a joyful journey, full of perfect now moments.

This story began the morning I wrote the text about going beyond anxiety.

I wrote with a lot of passion and when I finished I was beaming with happiness - what was just a page from my August diary had just turned into a post that would help humans around the world to also realize how anxiety is only energy!

Sitting at my desk I looked out the window, and as I usually do, I took a good deep breath receiving the green of the lemon tree leaves that fill the entire view. Amidst so many leaves, the white of a flower bud stood out.

But it wasn't just any flower bud. It was pointing in my direction. The same moment I saw it, I thought to myself: “Oh, how beautiful it is! I imagine the moment it opens, the flower will smile at me, right in the direction of my window! I imagine the moment when that happens, I will be so happy to see such a beautiful flower”

I allowed all this joy to flow through my being and got back to work. I went to the living room with my laptop and only returned to my room in the late afternoon.

When I entered my room and looked out the window, a divine surprise: the flower bloomed!

So tiny but so full of life, full of love, full of the sweet smell that a lemon blossom has.

A smile spread across my face immediately as I walked towards my gift.

There it was, smiling at me, right in the direction of my window.

"Amazing!" I thought “didn't it blossom really fast? I thought it would take longer… Wow, so you mean I'm really manifesting my desires quickly?”

“Nonsense…” said a more cautious facet: “the flower would bloom anyway! It is its nature - whether you wanted it or not, whether you saw it or not, it would bloom.”

And then I got the insight!

Isn't it so with every choice?

Aren't my choices like beautiful flower buds that will open whether I like it or not?

The nature of the choices is simply to happen.

And no matter how much the human is lost in illusion, the choice will always be real.

The choice will always be a potential, a reality that is happening.

The flower blooms and the choice happens.

But am I present to see it?

That's what defines the experience.

The next morning when I opened the window, the flower was even more open and more beautiful, even more smiling.

On the third day, it began to fall apart, petal by petal.

And finally, the core with all the sweet aroma was on the floor.

I was not sad to see my friend fall apart and go towards decomposition. This is also the nature of things: "A true creator creates, blesses, and allows it to go!"

I let her go with great love and honor, as her short stay had reminded me of deep truths and had gifted me wonderful insights.

But looking at where she was and not seeing her made me think:

"What would have happened if I had not looked out the window?"

Let's use looking out the window as a metaphor for presence.

Let's suppose I wasn't present.

I was so distracted by the human activities that I completely forgot about the abundance around me.

So I don't even look out the window, or when I look I just see with human eyes: “a tree, leaves, nothing new”

What would happen? Would the flower not bloom just because I'm blind to it?

Would life stop flowing just because I can't see it?

No, life would keep flowing.

The flower would open and fall apart.

The birds would continue to rest on the branches of the tree and fill my yard with their singing.

The clouds would continue to dance across the sky in different shapes and fall to the ground in the form of rain.

And the rain would continue to release that delicious and unique aroma onto the earth.

But… am I present to receive the gift?

Am I present to perceive the present?

Imagine the birds, the rain, the clouds, and the flowers as your choices.

They are happening.

You just have to perceive them, and they will be part of your reality.

If you are distracted and unconscious, living out of your presence, you won't notice and you certainly won't receive.

You will keep saying that there is nothing new and you will keep perceiving only lack.

But if you allow yourself to be present, you will begin to see life with new eyes and you will discover that true creation is effortless. Creating is your nature. Receiving is your nature. Just as the nature of the flower is to bloom.

With love and passion,


As human beings we tend to identify with anxiety.

We do that through thoughts such as "I have anxiety" or "My anxiety".

Anxiety is not “mine”, it does not belong to anyone, it is just a conglomeration of Mass Consciousness thoughts; distorted thoughts; thoughts that are millions of years old; thoughts full of guilt, fear, shame, and unworthiness, thoughts and emotions that are always available for everyone who want to tune into them and take them as their own.

Anxiety is the height of self-doubt.

We feel anxiety when we don't know what will happen in the future, we are not sure about what will happen, and we choose not to trust that it will be the most appropriate situation for us.

We choose to be afraid that everything will go wrong, and we assume that the worst will happen.

By doing this, we also forget that we are the creators of our reality, and we perceive ourselves as a victim of external factors: "if a certain thing happens/does not happen - I am lost!"

Or even, a victim of our own choices “I can't get rid of anxiety, so things are gonna go bad”.

We perceive anxiety as chest tightness, heavy chest, we are closed to our energies. This feeling can extend to the pit of our stomach and also to our throat, causing a feeling of suffocation, making it difficult to breathe and return to balance.

We are going through the time of major changes on a planetary level, and this affects, in one way or another, the life of every human being on the planet.

Everything is changing so fast that it's hard to predict what's going to happen.

Things are getting out of control. And anxiety has everything to do with control, with the need to have a guarantee, to know exactly how things are going to play out, and to know what we must do to achieve or avoid a certain result, whether as a society or individually.

Anxiety is present more than ever in human life right now. And that's why it's so seductive: it's the topic of the moment, it's the choice being made consciously or unconsciously by billions of people. It's pulsing in mass consciousness.

And when we let ourselves get sucked into that sticky cloud of old thoughts filled with stagnant energy, we identify with them:

"This is mine, it must be mine, it must be something I did wrong, or something I'm doing wrong, there must be something I can fix in myself"

That feeling in our chest keeps telling us:

“Something is wrong with me”.

But the truth is everything is fine, everything is absolutely, completely, fantastically fine!

The feeling in our chest is just a physical reflection of what is going on in our mind, and it will disappear when we realize that there is nothing wrong with us, there is nothing wrong with feeling anxiety, it is almost inevitable to feel it in the air, but we can choose to stay with it or not.

We can choose to be aware that there is anxiety on the planet right now and be aware that it doesn't belong to us.

In fact, it doesn't belong to anyone. There is no such thing as “the anxiety of the world” and “my anxiety”, they are the same thing: a combination of distorted thoughts, densely packed together.

And we have the choice to own it or let it go.

When I take a deep breath and feel within My Being, My Truth, there is no anxiety.

There is only Me.

This is mine, this is my treasure. My Truth is my treasure.

It is unique, it is beautiful, it is immeasurable.

There is no anxiety in Truth, there is nothing but Ourselves.

It's the safest of spaces, and it's always available to us.

It is from this space that we create our reality.

It's from this space that exists within each one of us, that we undress everything that is not ours.

We undress all the anxiety and fear.

In connection with our essence, it is evident what is really ours and what is not.

In connection with our essence, we walk beyond anxiety.

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